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What Students Say about the Thriving Insititute

After I had a heart attack my doctor recommended numerous health habits, but no way to realistically integrate them into my life. How was I supposed to improve my movement, diet, mental health, stress, and even relationships in one routine? Thriving made it possible and literally saved my life. Now I feel healthier and happier in my 40's than I did in college.

Dane Principe

Options Trader

As a nurse I was worn down. A stressful schedule, physical labor, and growing attached to patients that would pass away were all taking a serious toll on my mental and emotional health. Being in healthcare I was aware of what to do to improve my health, but just couldn't seem to do it. Thriving not only showed that it was possible, but easy if I had the right tools. The Year of Thriving should be mandatory for not only staff but all patients! It would certainly keep a lot of my patients out of the hospital and save stressed healthcare workers from an early grave.

Alise Ramirez Gomez

Clinical Nurse

I felt lost in life. I was approaching middle age and felt like I was just mediocre and had accomplished nothing of significance even though I was physically in great shape and had a young daughter that I was proud of, but something was missing. My personalized Thriving routine helped me explore my dreams and make not only a plan, but a system to achieve them. Now, I am making more money than ever and daily progress towards what's meaningful for me. I've never felt purpose and success like this before and I owe it to Thriving.

Jose McCormick

Entrepreneur (Former Painter)

Being a lawyer comes with long hours and stressful deadlines. I was making great money and making a difference, but inside and outside I was falling apart. My Thriving routine gave me the tools I needed to feel less stressed and deal with high stress situations in the moment. My routine even got me the six pack I'd been trying unsuccessfully to get for the last 20 years, made my marriage stronger than ever, and stopped me from passing on unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns onto my children that had plagued my parents and siblings.

Joseph Fickel